Buffalo First Wealth Management, LLC’s approach to selecting investments is different frominvestment advising traditional financial service providers. An experienced in-house investment department, unmotivated by commissions, provides expert objective advice based upon what is in your best interest.

Based on Modern Portfolio Theory, your Buffalo First Wealth Management, LLC Financial Advisors will help you construct unique asset allocation strategies specifically tailored for your portfolios. The allocation will take into consideration your time horizon and level of risk tolerance. Buffalo First Wealth Management, LLC will provide ongoing review of your asset allocations and recommend appropriate changes. We also provide the rebalanced discipline necessary to help you capitalize on the inherent volatility of the financial markets.

Our Process

An experienced investment team led by our chief investment strategist, which includes a fixed income analyst, seasoned investment analyst and alternative investment analyst, follows a disciplined, objective process to identify and select investments best suited to your portfolios. Our process includes both quantitative analysis and qualitative evaluation which often includes personal interviews and visits with potential investment managers.

Investment team recommendations are reviewed by Buffalo First Wealth Management, LLC’s Investment Committee prior to final approval.

Having a dedicated investment team in-house allows your Buffalo First Wealth Management LLC Family Advisor to focus on your specific portfolio and the other key aspects of your financial life.

Securities are offered through various custodians. Buffalo First Wealth Management and custodians are not affiliated.

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