Understanding Annuities: An Guide on How An Annuity Works

A conceptual diagram on a spiral notebook depicting the word "ANNUITY" in the center with arrows pointing to related terms like "INVESTMENT," "ACCUMULATION," "RETIREMENT," "QUALIFIED," "ROLLOVER," "FIXED," and "ASSET," with markers nearby, symbolizing the different components and benefits of an annuity in financial planning.

An annuity is a contract with a company that provides a specified sum of money for a specified period of time, based on a number of variables. One thing everyone can agree on regarding annuities is that there are many, many different types of annuities. In addition

My Employer Sent Me a Packet About My Pension

A cheerful elderly couple sitting at a wooden table in a well-lit room with a laptop open in front of them. The woman is wearing a green top and smiling at the man who is in a blue sweater, looking back at her with a smile. They appear to be discussing documents on the table, which includes a notepad, papers, and a tablet. A bowl of green apples and bananas, a coffee pot, and a blue mug are also on the table, creating a comfortable and domestic atmosphere.

In today’s ever-changing retirement landscape, many employers are deciding what to do with their defined benefit plan or pension. Employers are opting to provide their employees with a defined

Six Reasons To Start An Emergency Fund

A piggy bank alongside sticky notes, one with a chart indicating financial growth and another with "Emergency Fund" written on it, suggesting financial planning and savings.

Beneficiaries come into play when thinking about who your assets will go to–things such as money in the bank, retirement accounts, investments, and life insurance policies. Put simply; a beneficiary is the person (or people) you name to inherit

End of Year Financial Checklist

As the end of the year closes in, now is a great time to take inventory of your finances and make a list of steps you need to take to end the year on a strong financial note.

Market Update: as of August 16, 2019

stock market chart

The Markets (as of market close August 16, 2019) Volatility is the best term to describe stocks last week. Despite a Friday surge, each of the benchmark indexes listed here fell for the third consecutive week. Wednesday proved to be the most tumultuous day, as stocks suffered a major pullback. Long-term bond yields plunged below […]

New Sign

  Our new sign was installed in our office today. It is hanging on the wall behind our reception desk. The creation was made by Brooks Anderson, Artifact Timber. You can check out his website, Artifact Timber. Stop and see it in person.

Social Security Seminar

Allen Dembski recently gave a presentation on Social Security for the Amherst Chamber of Commerce’s 1st and 3rd Wednesday Pro Net meeting. Allen is also the facilitator of the group. There was about 15 members in attendance. They all had great questions on the strategies discussed in this presentation. Many individuals don’t know how to […]

Welcome Aboard!

Buffalo First Wealth Management would like to welcome Allen Dembski as Partner and Chief Operating Officer. Allen has been in the financial services industry for over 15 years. He previously worked with a national insurance company and then a national investment firm. Allen holds a his series 6, 63, & 65 securities licenses. He also […]

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